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Star Sign horoscope books for 2016

Star Sign Horoscope Books for 2016

The horoscope series below, is the only horoscope books for 2016 that you need to read. They are written by Lisa Lazuli in a very conversational style and are easy to read and understand, unlike some other traditional horoscope books out there. I was hooked as soon as I read the Foreward, as she says: “Be the hero in your own personal life...

Turn your dreams into a plan

Turn your dreams into a plan (the easy way)

Happy New Year! There’s something exciting about the new year that tells us: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE (once again). At some point during the year we get lost in the rhythm of our day-to-day lives and while we may be accomplishing things, it’s not always easy to find that excitement or buzz that comes with the beginning of a new year....

Tarot Readings Now Available

Tarot Card Readings Now Available

Get an insight into your past, present and future through Kelly’s personalised tarot card readings. If you feel stuck and indecisive, feel as if you can’t see the bigger picture, or even if you feel lost and need a little guidance, a tarot card reading can help you to see your situation from a different angle and even offer the guidance you’re looking...

Does your career suit your star sign?

Does your career suit your star sign?

Plenty of people take personality tests to find out if they would be ideal for one career or another.  Each star sign has it’s own unique personality traits so thought they would do some research and find out if there were any career trends for people belonging to each star sign and if they matched up with the ideal...

Guess the star sign of the Royal baby

It’s now mid-July with the Cancer – Leo borderline fast approaching. The big question on everybody’s lips, c’mon you know you’ve thought about it, is will the baby arrive before or after July 22nd? Put your guess in the comments below!