Gemini ~ 22 May – 21 June

Gemini Star SignsThe Gemini Star Sign

Element Air ~ Quality Mutable ~ Charge Positive ~ Ruling Planet Mercury ~ Day Wednesday ~ Phrase “I think”

What does the star sign Gemini mean?

The Gemini Star Sign Personality

Gemini’s have amazing brains. They store data like you wouldn’t believe. Lots of people think they talk garbage but this is because their minds move faster than their mouth. Gemini’s are generous, affectionate and impulsive and hate hanging around. Boredom and relaxing frightens them. If they’re not on the move they go mad. They are great with kids because they never grow up themselves. If you have a Gemini friend, life will never be dull. They love to be respected; this is pretty hard because they’re so changeable. In fact, they are often prone to losing their train of thought mid sentence. They’re practical jokers too, but can get aggravated if someone turns the trick on them.

More About Gemini

Gemini’s are often accused of being short on intellect and unable to stick to anyone or anything for long. In a nutshell, great fun at a party but totally unreliable. This is unfair…nobody works harder, is more reliable or capable than Gemini’s when they put their mind to a task, especially if there is a chance of making large sums of money! Unfortunately, they have a low boredom threshold and can drift away from something or someone when it no longer interests them. They like to be busy with plenty of variety in their lives and the opportunity to communicate with others. Their forte lies in the communications industry where they shamelessly pinch ideas and improve on them. Many Gemini’s are highly ambitious people who won’t allow anything or anyone to stand in their path.

They are surprisingly constant in relationships, often marrying for life but if it doesn’t work out, they will walk out and put the experience behind them. Gemini’s need relationships and if one fails, they will soon start looking for the next. Faithfulness is another story however, because the famous Gemini curiosity can lead to any number of adventures. Gemini’s educate their children well while neglecting to see whether they have a clean shirt. The house is full of books, videos, televisions, CD’s, newspapers and magazines and there’s a phone in every room!

Gemini at Work

Conducting business to you is synonymous with building business relationships. You love to have a good chat with potential business partners and customers and it seems to work for you more than sitting at your desk sending a bunch of emails a day instead. If there is money to be made, you’ll put in 100%. If there’s not so much, you’ll slacken off or delegate the task to someone else. Being as ambitious as you are, you probably have skated on thin ice more than a few times, but that’s all part of the thrill of doing business right? Give some thought to the financial statements the next time you’re thinking about risking everything for a deal, and you’ll likely have a much better outcome.

Gemini Compatibility

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