Tarot card readings

Tarot Card Reading

Kelly’s tarot card readings are not computer generated.

The card/s are drawn after meditation upon your question or topic while the cards are being shuffled. This method closely reflects the way you would get your cards read in-person and the reading is personalised to your specific situation.

All readings are done by Kelly herself and the results emailed to you within five working days.

What you get

  • Personalised tarot card reading based on your question or topic
  • Photo of your card/s

What people have said

Kelly, Thank you so much for the reading, it’s been so useful – I can’t put into words how much – suffice to say I’m thrilled with it. I’m so pleased to hear you enjoyed doing the reading. 🙂 I’m working with a life coach at the moment, and we’re both really impressed. I won’t hesitate in recommending you!

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Past, Present and Future – £17.90

Three card tarot reading with cards representing your past, your present situation and insights to your future.

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